Woops. Nearly forgot. Pizzheiria and Heir Island are famous moviestars.. who knew

Guys, the Island Cottage restaurant and Pizzheiria. Heir Island’s 2 restaurants featuring in a Discover Ireland Food video. Unfortunately Pizzheiria doesn’t get a specific mention just called Outdoor Pizza making but doesn’t matter and the 2 visitors enjoyed their pizza as did the camera crew, so a job well done!

Check it out!


It’s Chriiiiiiiistmas. Kind of

Allo to old followers and any new friends to Pizzheiria,

As you can quite easily see the blog has been lacking since the end of the Summer. Sigh. It only feels like yesterday. The pizzeria closes during the frostier months.. actually only open in the Summer which I’m sure is going to disappoint all the winter holiday goers to Heir Island.

But don’t fret, I’m going to be a busy lil bee with the oven over the Christmas Holidays, so I’m sure there’ll be plenty of tastings in front of the blazing fire held inside Bricky the Oven (Decided the oven needed a normal persons name so as the everyday people can relate to it, all it ever wanted really) From the 26th onwards I’ll be dishing out my seasonal treat, which I can ensure all the Mammies and Daddies at home will greatly appreciate, an exciting twist to your left over Christmas dinner.

Stay tuned for Christmas recipes and tales of the cooking bonanza that is the family Christmas.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Chef’s Advice: After work get home, put on the kettle, fill a hot water bottle, ask someone else to cook for you and enjoy a nice bottle of vino if you’ve got the stuff lying. Repeat last step multiple times.
Happy Christmas Y'all

It's always Pizza time

Haven’t been on here for a while

Apologies to anyone who has been checking back regularly since I got this going. Turns out between sleeping, working and socialising I never made time to blog my story. oh well probably better off like when you miss all the footy but can just watch the highlights. Get through all of the boring “craic” I had. It’s certainly been an eventful few weeks on the island (and wherever else I was taken to). The Sailing school had full weeks for all of August so lunch time didn’t get any easier as the summer moved on. Busy certainly picked up for me as well, my word of mouth and type(ing) were doing me well and for a while or so it felt anyway I was talk of the town. A lot of intrigue from the locals and holiday makers on what actually goes on in there. And a lot of people were impressed by the pizzas, the oven and generally the whole set up.

I decided to serve the pizzas on a few large chopping boards. This was mainly because I like to encourage people to share the pizzas. Works out well because I usually do one at a time as the oven cooks them faster than I can make them unless I have helpers around. I serve them one at a time and alot of people were very open to sharing. I think next summer I’ll have a wee sign up suggesting people something that always reminds me of junior cert science class “sharing is caring” the easy way to remind you what goes on with covalent bonding. The whole sharing idea I feel works really well with the idea of Heir Island and our pizzeria. Another dimension added to my unique dining experience.

Over my next few posts you’ll be treated to tales of pizza disaster, euphoria and the main events on the island like the Heir Island Regatta. Peace out and see you soonish

The weathers been good.. so have the pizzas!

The Reach, Beat and Runny mmmmm....

Finally settling down, after what’s been a jam packed 2 days. Absolutely delish weather, and a whole lot achieved too in terms of testing the dynamics that will exist when producing to a large scale.

1 thing I have learned over the past week is that there is no shortage of demand. Obviously being new and kindof open adds a lot of intrigue for people, as the questions may not even be related to whether or not they even want pizzas but again a lot of people are very excited and even amongst the customer base I’ve built already (young sailors doing course on the island and a few of the permanent residences on the island) have all been impressed and looking to come back again.. so happy out!

We’ve erected a sail hanging over the worktop area and oven. Gives me shade while working so the ingredients stay fresh and out of sunlight. As keeps the chef happy too, oven is hot enough as it is before the sum beating down on me, not complaining now cause won’t get any business if the weather turns, although that is¬†inevitable.. sigh. We’ve a few sources sussed for wood, but all unavailable over the weekend, but too get us through the weekend and probably a few more days was pine wood from the islands forest which pops had cut down 4 years ago for raftbuilding on the island. So it’s nice a dry, and not too bad to chop either.

yesterday I catered for a couple who holiday down here. We treated them to a glass of red wine on the house to celebrate our first date! and of course they couldn’t go to a art exhibition without one eh. Both were raving, and were spreading our gospel throughout the exhibition. Success.. Then the Wolfe’s family who are here more than me at this stage, barring the father Ivan who’s busy busy and also our residential sailors for dinner, was around 14 pizza’s in total and one for myself. Got some great pics which been thrown onto facebook.

Created a new pizza for the menu, my new favourite also. It’s called the reach, beat and runny. (play on the sailing terms reach, beat and run) It has an egg in the middle, with what my lil cousin described as “the great wall of chicken” surrounding it, and to complete it there’s salami on the outskirts! uuugggh to die for. I top my own with some garlic shake and some herbs. as Jamie would say “tucker”.

After I finished up pizza making for the day; myself, Elsbeth, Eoin, Pamela and Meadhbh took out a topaz each and set sail to sherkin, plan was to make our way into the beach in there for an ole explore. Girls made it that far, while myself and Eoin went head to wind and dropped a line. With a lil bit of patience we managed to secure 2 mackerel. and one just got away! dangling over Eoin’s boat and in celebration let it go. rookie error. Making home before pure darkness a few brewski’s were in order to celebrate a good day.

Tough 1st Day!

Well slight exaggeration I think.. Got in at 10 this morning after a night off the island. I had plenty of dough made up to feed the hungry sailors who were coming in at lunch time, with an expected order of 18.. dreading that! so I got to work immediately, delayed starting the fire as our wood situation is a bit peculiar at the moment and probably need to time it quite well the get the pizza’s going fast. I was met with good news, Eoin our SI said that he’d bring his group of sailors in an hour or so after the first big lot, so there wouldn’t be 20 kids waiting at lunch for each one to be made (some kids shared as their mother didn’t think they’d eat their dinner if they had a whole one!) with this in mind my task was less daunting, kids can be slightly impatient at times especially after a morning on the water.

I cracked into my pizza sauce, and made some extra dough in case there might be more orders (fingers crossed). All ingredients at the ready, the rolling and base making had begun, I had my Uncle George minding the fire so I could get a few minutes in the kitchen, and minded he did! chopping wood to beat the band so he was! fantastic help. The pizza’s were churned out as fast as possible, unfortunately we didn’t risk making the pizza’s outside just cooked them there! The mother and the 2 other instructors Meadh(h)bh + Elsbeth were a great help insuring the kids were fed and all paid up so no disasters on the 2nd day

(We’ve had prior day of sailors coming in, but of course I hadn’t thought of a blog at this stage…stupid me!)

Had plenty of variety in the ordering and the kids seemed delighted with the whole set up and even more so with the pizza’s! anything beats a packed lunch I suppose! and 2 people even ordered 2nds to share amongst everyone because they enjoyed them so much!

The meat feast was a popular option, combining chorizo, salami and ham and all good quality meats as well. Hawaiian was quite popular too, more for the girls I think even though I think it was my pizza of choice today.

Luckily for everyone the weather lasted for the day, yet there was a bunch of very giddy kids who had more than enough interesting tales to keep me entertained for the 2 lunch hours. soon enough they’ll be coming back on dates together asking for candlelit meals! imagine..

Well it was all quite myself, and few others enjoyed some extra big pizzas i made with the remaining dough, and used up the rest of the ingredients so could start afresh with the new order!

Well anyways thanks for reading my random babblings of an action packed few hours, left out all the boring bits i hope!

Come back soon when the site will be more complete (I hope)